Once Upon a Time: In It Together

((Gold and Belle being trolls IRL to Regina.  Slightly NSFW.))

Belle rocks back on sore feet, checking off another item on the clipboard.  She leans to train an ear on the doorway leading to the shop, hears the soft conversation that seems to have gone on for ages.  How two people can have so much to say about an old bicycle, particularly when neither of them would know what a bicycle was if not for the curse, mystifies Belle.  At long last, the tone of the talk changes, and it draws to a close.  The bell over the shop’s front door rings.

Rumpelstiltskin- or, Gold, as he must be here, as she can’t be Belle- steps into the back room.  She doesn’t speak, lets him find her, just to see his face light up.  As always, it sets her stomach fluttering and a smile curling her lips.  But no, she’s supposed to be annoyed.  “I’ve been stuck here doing inventory all day.  It’s rather lonely work.  Just so you know.”

“Inventory is a very important job.”  His tone and expression are serious, but the way he approaches her… well, it’s serious in an entirely different way.  All loose swagger and a slight flick of his cane with each step.

Belle hums, and lets the clipboard drop on a countertop with a smack.  She needs her hands free, the better to wind around his shoulders and bury her fingers in his hair.  He’s right here, body heat and breath and eternal smirk sending her brain to a deep dark place she never ever wants to leave.  The cool edge of the countertop presses against her backside, a nice contrast to Gold’s warm hand squeezing her hip.

There’s always a moment, right before they kiss.  An acknowledgement if not a promise.  They’re in an awful mess, but they’re in it together.  They’ll get clear of this, somehow. 

Belle’s happy to let all that fade to background noise while she seals her mouth over Gold’s.  He melts into her in the most amazing way- she feels privileged to experience it.  The terror of Storybrooke and the nightmare of the realms, and yet he’s practically purring in her arms.  She almost feels guilty for what a turn-on that is.

His hand is wandering down her thigh, and she’s calculating how sturdy the countertop is, when the shop’s bell rings.  Belle feels Gold tense against her, but after a second he kisses her again, firm and a little defiant.

She separates their mouths, “You might want to see who it is.”

He squints at her, growls without heat, “You want me in back, you want me out front.  Make up your mind, woman.”

Belle gives him her patented look of bullshit intolerance.  “It’s not good business.” 

“Fine, fine.  Let’s see who’s invading our privacy, shall we?”  He walks backwards, tugging Belle along with him until they reach the curtained doorway.  Gold eases the thick fabric aside just far enough to reveal Her Royal Highness Mayor Regina Mills standing in the shop.

“Oh,” Belle says, “Well then.”  She grabs Gold’s lapels and yanks him hard against her.  With a grin of pure wickedness he lets their momentum carry them back to the countertop.  Their mouths come together with a force just shy of pain, and ensuing nips and scrapes keep them right at the edge. 

Gold’s cane clatters as it falls and his hands are at her thighs again.  “Up,” he bites out against her lips. 

“Yes please,” Belle replies, grasping the edge of the countertop and hoisting herself onto it.  She immediately wraps her legs around Gold’s waist and returns her arms to their favored position around his shoulders.  His kisses trail down her jaw to her throat, drawing a giggle and then a groan.

It’s only another moment or two before Belle sees a hand push back the doorway curtain, followed by Regina poking her head inside.  Belle closes her eyes and buries her face in Gold’s neck.  “The visitor’s arrived,” she breathes.

Gold pulls back, but only far enough to say, “Madame Mayor, ‘closed’ means ‘not open for business.’  So, if you please, kindly bugger off.”

“Yeah,” Belle adds, “Get lost.”

She doesn’t see Regina leave, distracted as she is by Gold’s mouth returning to hers.  But when she’s sure they’re alone she pulls away.  “Probably not one of our best ideas, all told.”

Gold’s eyes are half-lidded, but fierce all the same.  “She’ll not get her claws in you again.  I swear it.”

Belle lets her forehead fall to his, hugs him tighter with her arms and legs.  They’ll get through this somehow.  Together.